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Our goal at Perline Chiropractic is to provide you and your family with the highest quality and most comprehensive health care possible. You will receive personalized chiropractic care designed to meet your individual needs and guide you toward optimal health and wellness.

We help expecting moms achieve healthy pregnancies and births.  We support adolescents and athletes in meeting their physical challenges and goals, while working with toddlers and seniors to build better health and flexibility. Our chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough for children but can restore movement and function for the athlete and senior.

The uniquely gentle techniques we offer make chiropractic safe and effective for everyone. Our office is designed to serve you. 

We offer:

  • same day appointments
  • specialized care for children and pregnant women
  • individualized techniques used to meet your comfort level: no force, low force, traditional chiropractic
  • private adjustment rooms
  • affordable care plans
  • most insurance plans accepted and billed for you

Common conditions helped through chiropractic care:

  • Headaches
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Numbness/Tingling
  • Painful Joints
  • Pregnancy Related Problems
  • Premenstrual Achiness
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder/Arm Pain
  • Stiffness/Inflexibility
  • Hip/Leg Pain
  • Stress/Fatigue
  • Muscle Spasms/Cramping
  • Sport/Dance Injuries

Chiropractic care does not cure or treat diseases or conditions. Chiropractic removes interference to the bodies own innate healing capability, allowing the body to function at a higher level of health.

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Epidurals Prolong Labor by More Than Two Hours
Epidurals Prolong Labor by More Than Two Hours
A study published in the March 2014 issue of Obstetrics & Gynecology shows that women who get epidurals to relieve pain actually increase the time of the second stage of labor by an average of two hours. This new finding shows that epidurals extend labor much longer than the one hour that was previously . . .
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Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths
Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths
The title above comes from a September 27, 2013, article on HealthDay.com exposing the large number of accidents caused by drivers under the influence of prescription drugs. The article is based on research to be published in the upcoming November 2013 issue of Accident Analysis & Prevention. . . .
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Mental Health & Chiropractic
Mental Health & Chiropractic
A paper published in the October 24, 2013, issue of the Journal of Philosophy, Principles & Practice of Chiropractic discussed the subject and benefits of chiropractic for patients with mental health issues. According to author Dr. Christopher Kent, a chiropractor and attorney, the objective of the paper . . .
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MRI Confirmed Lumbar Disc Herniations Helped with Chiropractic - Study Shows
MRI Confirmed Lumbar Disc Herniations Helped with Chiropractic - Study Shows
A research paper published in the March/April 2014 issue of the scientific periodical, the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), showed that patients with lumbar disc herniations found on MRI were helped by chiropractic. The authors explain, "The purposes of this study . . .
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